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Smile design in Barranquilla

Smile design in Barranquilla

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Our smile design will give you the possibility to improve the shape, color and proportions of your teeth, as well as the relationship between them and the other parts of your face, such as gums, lips, chin and nose.

We have the best materials and highly trained professionals in different specialties of dentistry, we are the best option for your smile design in Barranquilla.

What is a smile design?

It is a set of procedures that include all the specialties of dentistry to improve the shape, size, texture, color and proportions of the teeth bringing them to look in harmony with the face of a person. The treatment is strictly personalized and is defined during the assessment.

How is a smile design performed?

The success of a smile design begins with a personalized diagnosis of the patient, where the causes of disharmony between teeth, gums and lips are identified. Once the causes are identified, the necessary procedures are defined to correct these deficiencies and obtain as a result a beautiful and perfect smile for your face. A smile design may require the use of
maxillofacial surgery
oral rehabilitation
among other branches. In our Dental Center we have the specialized staff and the latest technology to do so.

How much does a smile design in Barranquilla cost?

Each treatment is customized, therefore, costs may vary. It is necessary that the patient attends a consultation for a detailed estimate of the treatment.

How do I know if I need it?

If your teeth are too short, if you have any broken teeth, if teeth whitening cannot remove your stains, if your teeth are too far apart, or if you have badly worn teeth, smile design is an excellent option for you.

Is it advisable to have this procedure?

In recent years this procedure has had an important boom both in Colombia and in other countries, many dentists have wanted to take advantage of this by offering great discounts, however, not everyone is trained to perform a smile design, it is best to choose a dentist who has specialized in this area and has the appropriate materials.

Do I need orthodontics before treatment?

It depends on each case, there are occasions in which it is essential to perform an orthodontic treatment.  orthodontic treatment  before making a smile design, when the patient does not have a good occlusion. 

There are different types of  malocclusions,   this problem basically has to do with a bad bite. In these cases, orthodontics is relevant because if a bad bite is not corrected, when veneers are placed to lengthen the teeth, they will look very protruding, or the lower teeth will rub against the upper lip or may even split.


What is a digital smile design?

Surely you have heard about a digital smile design; they are very fashionable as they are a tool that provides confidence and security to the patient. A digital design of your smile is made thanks to a specialized software, where all the changes that are going to be made in your smile are digitally recreated before starting the treatment.

This is very useful for planning treatments with dental implants, veneers, or complete rehabilitations. With a digital design you will know the final result of your treatments and you will know the appropriate procedures to obtain the results you expect.


Sandra Bohórquez
a week ago
They are very professional in what they do, I loved the result of my teeth. They are also super friendly!!
Ivan De Armas Luran
a week ago
Super recommended, the best service, I felt super calm and the result was just as I dreamed.
Breiner Ortíz Munivé (BOrtízMunivé)
3 weeks ago
Excellent service and the best attention always!
Guillermo Sanchez
3 weeks ago
Excellent service in everything. Recommended 100%
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