Why should I have dental implants?


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If you recently lost a dental piece and you still do not decide to place an implant, you first need to know some oral problems that you can develop if you postpone your treatment for a long time. Surely you will have already experienced the difficulty chewing food, this is one of the immediate problems that appear with the loss of one or more teeth and put at risk the quality and comfort of an individual.

With the passage of time you will begin to notice that your other teeth have started to move towards the empty space, which is why the aesthetics of your teeth are compromised even more.

Not only is the appearance affected, but also the occlusion. You may suffer wear or breakage of teeth They will have to bear the load of the teeth that are needed. In the long term the absence of these pieces will cause the loss of the maxillary bone.

All these complications can be avoided if you make the decision to start your dental implant treatment in time, otherwise it could be too late and such treatment will be much longer and more expensive.



1. Dental Implants offer total comfort for you to lead a completely normal life in your day to day. The reason why people prefer them, is because they are a fixed option To replace lost pieces, they do not interfere with your routine and should not be removed at night as is the case with dentures.

2. The crowns that are placed on the implant, look aesthetically very natural, with a color very similar to your teeth, you will not notice the difference with the rest of your teeth.

3. This surgery is completely safe, today it is estimated that 98% implants are placed successfully, with a very fast recovery.

4. The teeth have a natural tendency to move and occupy the spaces to have contact between them, with dental implants you can prevent your teeth from moving and acquire an inappropriate position.

5. Due to the absence of the root of the teeth since the bone does not receive the stimulation of the proper masticatory function, the bone resorptionIn addition, the lips retract and the appearance of the face ages, with dental implants you can prevent this from happening.

6. Allow to have a oral hygiene very similar to the one we have with our natural teeth. Brushing is the same, taking into account the use of dental floss and rinse.


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