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Orthodontics in barranquilla

Orthodontics in Barranquilla

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Enjoy a harmonious and aligned smile. The position of the teeth is an important factor in the appearance of a person’s face, an orthodontic treatment is an excellent option to improve the position and alignment of the teeth helping the other bones of the face also take their correct position and look in harmony with the other features of the face. In our dental center we have a group of suitable specialists who will recommend the best orthodontic system in Barranquilla to get your perfect smile.

What is orthodontics?

It is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the perfect placement and alignment of teeth through a system of bony correction of dental structures.

At what age can I start treatment?

The age to start orthodontic treatment is around 11 years of age, which is when all the final teeth are usually in the mouth. However, there are those who begin treatment at the age of 5, when preventive orthodontics is necessary, basically to correct bad habits.

What are the types of orthodontics?

There are different types of orthodontics, the first is orthopedic orthodontics which serves to prevent future anomalies by guiding the correct growth of the jaws. Then we have the corrective orthodontics used when there is already an anomaly in the position of the teeth, it can be with conventional metal brackets, aesthetic brackets, self-ligating brackets or invisible orthodontics.

What is the cost of orthodontic treatment in Barranquilla?

Each treatment is customized, therefore, costs may vary. It is necessary for the patient to attend an assessment consultation to learn about this and other details of the treatment.

When to get braces?

Orthodontics is a treatment that in addition to looking for a nice smile, also pursues oral health objectives, not only to fix crooked teeth, but to solve the problems associated with having a bad bite. Orthodontic treatment should be performed on anyone who has a dental malocclusion. Since a bad bite translates into poor hygiene, tooth enamel wear, cavities, chewing problems, among others.


Orthodontics has evolved so much that we have a range of options for you to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. Traditional brackets, for example, have the advantage of being more resistant and more economically priced. 

If your priority is aesthetics and you want to align your teeth in a more “disguised” way, you can opt for aesthetic, self-ligating or lingual brackets. If you are a person who works on your image, on television or you are a public figure, you probably want to use invisible orthodontics, which consists of using removable transparent retainers that fit the teeth, provide absolute comfort and are just as effective.


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