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What is tooth whitening?

Naturally white teeth communicate cleanliness and health, also improve your physical appearance making you look a more beautiful and striking smile; With a teeth whitening you will steal all eyes in any social scenario.

This treatment will help you disappear stains produced by coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine, among other substances.

The first thing you should know, is that the stains of your teeth can be internal or external and that depends on the treatment that your teeth need. There are different types of teeth whitening, look for a reliable and experienced dentist to perform an assessment.


It is important to know that the treatment you need, depends on the current state of your teeth, it is not the same to make a teeth whitening to someone who has just finished their orthodontic treatment, than to someone who has had endodontics or has a complex disease oral.

Types of teeth whitening

Today there are a variety of bleaching products that you can use in the comfort of your home, however, do not expect great results, whitening creams, clarify a little the color of your teeth as long as you use them constantly, you will not see immediate results and if you stop using them, Your teeth will return to their previous state. 

There is homemade tooth whitening, It is one of those that we drive in the Carlos Acevedo dental center, where we take samples of the mouth to make comfortable and very thin splints that you place at home, but do not worry, you have a professional who will guide you to guarantee a treatment cash. These splints have been previously filled with a special whitening gel. The treatment can last between 2 and 4 weeks, the results are extraordinary.

Another type of bleaching is the one performed with halogen or LED lightBefore performing this procedure, your dentist should give you an evaluation to inform you about how many sessions you need to successfully finish your teeth whitening; also identify if you are fit to perform this treatment. The procedure begins with a cleaning of your teeth, the measures will be taken to develop some customized trays that will serve to place the bleaching gel and that it is distributed evenly, the trays will not allow the gel to come into contact with the gums. The energy of the light facilitates the treatment, however, this is not the one in charge of bleaching, the light is only an activator, in fact, in our consultation you will find that we also use products that do not require light and the results are excellent.  


Advantages and disadvantages

The results of professional teeth whitening are immediate and there are no contraindications, only in the case of pregnant women or people allergic to the bleaching material. It is normal for certain sensitivity to be experienced in the hours after treatment, because the gel used contains glycerin, which can cause some discomfort.

Tooth whitening will offer you many advantages, without a doubt the best of all will be: to look more youthful and pleasant, which will give you the confidence you need to develop in any environment you find.


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