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Dental implants in barranquilla

Dental Implants in Barranquilla

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Smile again with the best dental implants in Barranquilla, regain the confidence you need to smile without complexes, Dental Implants have become the best definitive solution to replace missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

It is a set of procedures that include all the specialties of dentistry to improve the shape, size, texture, color and proportions of the teeth bringing them to look in harmony with the face of a person. The treatment is strictly personalized and is defined during the assessment.

What are the advantages they offer?

In addition to providing comfort, support and stability to the artificial teeth, they feel and look very natural, thus restoring the patient’s lost self-esteem. By means of a simple surgical procedure, the dental implants are placed in the bone of the jaws and their integration into the bone can take between 4 and 6 months. missing teeth. Implant treatment is very encouraging for people who have lost their teeth and find it uncomfortable to wear removable dentures.
removable prosthesis

What are dental implants with guided surgery?

Guided surgery is the newest way to place dental implants; more effective, more precise and less invasive. It also begins with an assessment by the specialist; with the help of CAD-CAM technology, an intraoral scan of the patient is performed to study the maxillary bone and determine the exact location where the implant should be placed. A splint is manufactured to guide the position and location of the implant in the surgery and avoids having to open the gum. Thanks to this technology, the necessary depth of the implant is also known, since everything has been previously planned.

What is the cost of dental implants in Barranquilla?

Each treatment is customized, therefore, costs may vary. It is necessary for the patient to attend an assessment consultation to learn about this and other details of the treatment.

Why are they important?

If you have recently lost a tooth and have not yet decided to get an implant, you first need to be aware of some oral problems you may develop if you postpone your treatment for a long time.

Surely you have already experienced the difficulty in chewing your food, it is one of the immediate problems that appear with the loss of one or more teeth and put at stake the quality of life and comfort of a person.

Over time you will begin to notice that your other teeth have started to shift into the empty space, which further compromises the esthetics of your teeth.

Not only the appearance will be affected but also,
. You may suffer from
wear or breakage of the dental structures
that will have to bear the load of the missing teeth. In the long term the absence of these structures will cause loss of the maxillary bone.

All these complications can be avoided if you make the decision to start your dental implant treatment in time; avoid making your treatment much longer and more expensive. Our dental implants in Barranquilla will provide you with the perfect and permanent solution to smile with confidence.


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The attention and service of the entire team is excellent! Very friendly and committed to their work. Recommended!!
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Super excellent professional Dr. and his staff.
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Excellent care and service
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Impeccable service, Dr. Alexandra is really very professional in her work and makes you feel very good. The team is very loving and attentive! Plus everything is explained in detail. My partner and I live from abroad and I definitely recommend this dental clinic.
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