Dental Care in the diabetic patient


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There are no dental treatments that are contraindicated in diabetic patients, there are no oral diseases directly caused by diabetes, however, there is an increased risk of suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis or other oral complications since glycemia is directly related to periodontal diseases.

How does diabetes affect oral health?

Diabetes It is a disease that affects the ability of the body to process sugar, also reduces the infection resistance and slows the healing process. For this reason, diabetic patients need greater control of their oral health and their treatments must be controlled under certain parameters.

If you have diabetes you should start preventive treatment as soon as possible.

  • Your dentist should give you good guidance on your oral hygiene and you should follow his instructions rigorously.
  • You must have a prophylaxis.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Advise you on adequate food.
  • Brush after each meal.
  • Use mouthwashes to rinse your mouth.
  • Use dental floss twice a day.   
  • Go to your dentist every 3 months to check and prevent.

In case of surgeries

If you must perform any invasive treatment that involves risk of bleeding, such as tooth extraction, dental implant surgery or periodontal surgery, keep in mind to do it with programming and previously perform an antibiotic prophylaxis.

Remember that the patient with diabetes is more susceptible to infections, however, This disease is not an impediment for dental treatments., but these require greater dental care in order to preserve and prioritize the patient's health.


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